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Holiday Hustle Webinar Series

Sign up for on-demand access to our four-part webinar series to get ready for the season!

1. Prepping for the Holidays: Set yourself up for success with a general assessment of your holiday plan, basics to double-check, plus a review of our holiday guide so you can start your planning off right.

2. BFCM Best Practices: An overview of best practices for Cyber week and a recap of lessons we learned from last year's data. Learn strategies that will help you convert from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

3. Utilizing Justuno: Now that your promotions are set up, it's time to kick it up a notch. Learn strategies for segmentation and targeting to help craft personalized user experiences and target high intent shoppers.

4. Starting 2021 on Cruise Control: How to finish off 2020 right and cruise into 2021 with your newest customers. Set yourself up for success next year with a solid end of year plan.